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In balliya market I asked to many people's. very one knows that where's the brighu mandir. The belief of the people was that bathing in the field of brighu gives freedom. When taking test of Tridev, the sin which was imposed on him by kiking on lords Vishnu's chest.They took their penance ( atonement) in this place. This city was settled by Maharshi bhrighu on the Ganga & sarayu river's. First there was a forest here. he taught uneducated people to be cultured and taught them how to cultivate the farm. Here is Valmiki ashram too. People here tell me that love & kush were born on this land too.
Grandchild of Hiryanyakashyap & grand child of Bhakta pralahd king virochana's son king Bali made yag for the post of Indra from their guru mahershi bhrighu's son shukrachrya. "Yagndhya " is called YAG in Sanskrit. It was named Baliyag hundred years ago. After a period word G was abolished. And this city became popular with name Baliya.

ITo reach the temple of Bhruu, I had reached Ballia from Pune! While passing through the market, I saw this interesting autorickshaw, I managed to capture the photo by following it.